72nd King and Queen of Calontir’s Coronation

You can tell I’ve been busy since my trip to St. Augustine by the photos I’ve posted. I became Lonely Tower’s A&S champion at its 33rd birthday party, taught a blogging class at Lilies War, went to the Known World Heraldry and Scribal Symposium as well as doing my BLT Social Media job. And I am loving every minute of it.

Although I’m a bit tardy I have another photo array for you. This one is loaded with court photos from Anton IV and Yseult‘s coronation event. Calontir’s 72nd King and Queen.

TRM Donngal and Catalina’s Final Court

Coronation displays Calontir’s utmost grandeur. Their Majesties Donngal and Catalina‘s final court was undiminished by the plunder the regalia suffered during their reign. They began by releasing their Champions and their many retinue. All served them admirably as their Kingdom’s heirs and its rulers.

Their Majesties Calontir Donngal and Catalina

After the retinue was released and the accouterments secured comes my biggest tearjerker. His Majesty tenderly removes the Queen’s crown. This act always touches my heart.

When the Calontir thrones stand empty and the Kingdom is most vulnerable to attack all the knights present assemble to protect the sovereign lands.

His Grace Anton is also a Knight taking his rightful place with his comrades in arms.

During this solemn transition four of Calontir’s bards boastfully tell the ever-growing honorable lineage of Calontir’s Royalty

B. Austin le Blinde speaking his lineage part.

As the lineage is read, court heralds change places. Calontir’s ancient crowns – only worn during the coronation ceremony – are placed. And the Royal Copes are draped over the thrones. All is ready for the coming new rulers.

The King’s Ancient Crown

While processing in the Prince is verified as the Crown Tournament winner and for being Calontir’s next lawful ruler. His Highness Anton takes the venerable crown and places it on his own head.

After Her Highness hears what it means to act as a queen and giving her fealty oath, King Anton places the Queen’s ancient crown on Yseult’s head. She is now Calontir’s Queen and is draped with the Royal cope.

Their Majesties next take the Knights’ oaths. And the kingdom’s safety is restored.

I was lucky to catch this candid photo as I sat directly in front of Their Majesties.

Each Peerage Order then gives their separate fealty oath to Their Royal Majesties. I did not photograph them all because they look similar to the knights’ photo I took. Just different people’s backs and heads. But I did take one each of Calontir’s growing Order of Defense and its six baronial couples.

Calontir’s Order of Defense
I had to take this one because Lonely Tower’s Baron and Baroness are so visible. Up front and on the right.

I missed many photos. If you want to see other people’s pics they’re on Calontir’s community web gallery.

Happenings Between Courts

After the morning court I found time to eat, chat with friends and see the crafts others were working. A few blocks away martial arts activities were happening. A bit far for me anymore and still stay alert driving home two hours.

Blank Border Competition Entries
Learning fingerloop braiding
Doing fingerloop braiding as part of the hair net hanging on the support.
This is just too cute.

TRM Anton and Yseut’s First Court

And then it was time for the first court of Their Majesties Anton and Yseult. I arrived early choosing a seat on the second floor getting a view I don’t often have. A bird’s eye view.

While waiting for the evening court M. Dorcas Whitecap refreshed our heraldic memories. She was “quizzing” us on the arms of Calontir’s Royal Peers. And she had an extra student. A very aged one.

Besides the best dinosaur view ever, I snuck a pic of Lonely Tower’s Baron and Baroness, Augustin and Aleit. They didn’t even know I was up here.

Then the Court Herald called ” All rise” and the procession began.

Their Majesties Anton IV and Yseult’s first order of business was calling up their Order of the Calontir Cross. They welcomed Jürgen Weiter von Landstuhl into this assiduous group.

Their Royal Majesties then presented Lady Adelaide Dewey with a Torse.

Next they made Countess Catalina a Duchess. She has elegantly and resolutely served the Kingdom twice as Queen.

Then M. Rhodri ap Hywel was allowed to announce the William Blackfox Award‘ winners.

But what’s that on his head? There’s something new. A Court Barony coronet presented in this mornings court.

And lastly Lord Ivan Porvinin was given a well deserved Leather Mallet.

I don’t catch everything happening in court. I’m focusing on snapping photos. And I don’t take notes. To be sure I didn’t miss something important you can read M. Dorcas Whitecaps’ court report in the trusty Falcon Banner.

The evening court was fun to watch but I was glad Their Majesties held it earlier than scheduled. Something unusual for “SCA time” which traditionally runs late. I could easily make it back to Lonely Tower’s territory and retrieve my dog from daycare before it closed. A welcomed blessing for my travels.

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