Blogging SCA Style

If you want to start a blog you might not really know why. There's so many good reasons to do it. I'm probably not the only one with those reasons. Maybe others have the desire and just need help getting started. Or maybe it's time I teach blogging and offer a little push.

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Lonely Tower Shows Off Their Crafts And Skills

Demos are a common activity you find in the SCA. They educate the public about life in the Middle Ages, show off our crafts and skills, and help us find new member. 

Today the Barony of the Lonely Tower put on a demonstration at the University of Nebraska-Omaha. The university's Medieval and Renaissance Studies Department promoted it, calling it "Encountering the Past: Costumes, Crafts & Combats".

You couldn't ask for a more beneficial three hours.

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Today’s Scribal Class

Today’s Lonely Tower scribal class was concentrated pen fun. Seven students experimented with a 12th-century Protogothic calligraphy script. They were intent on their efforts so we saved the painting part of the class for September’s session. I had students that were novices and also some with art degrees.  We shared tools, books, and ideas. I also messaged them a link to my related Pinterest Protogothic calligraphy board, so they can see works done with that script. I’m inspired by their hunger for more. The next class will be September 11th at a nearby library. Since calligraphy took up all the class time, its preparation is done. I can relax and enjoy their reactions to their work.

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C & I Class Preparations

I'm doing my homework for the coming calligraphy and illumination classes. I want these new students to feel the class benefit as soon as we begin. For that, I've been looking into new teaching methods. I've created Pinterest boards showing related medieval manuscripts have my handouts on Google Docs. My mission is to keep my students enthused and returning.

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"Playing With Period Pigments Class" Taught

Each time I teach a class it's different I'll take stock of my handouts and supplies. Then I cajole/invite a few Lonely Tower scribes to take a condensed practice class. this time, you will see and hold my raw mineral rock collection. Ground to powder and added to a binder, these rocks make the paint used in early manuscript illumination . I share photos I snapped from my 2010 class.

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Playing With Powdered Period Pigments

I’m teaching again!! It’s been years, unfortunately.  In early April you can take my “Playing With Period Pigments” class at the Bellewode Heraldic Scribal and Dance Symposium in Kirksville, MO. It is a safety and hands-on class, teaching paint production from natural earth powdered pigments. You’ll take home the safety supplies and paints you make. Would you care to see photos I snapped in 2010 of the same class? I just have two. Calontir Scribes Playing with Powdered Pigments Making Paint From Powder My Messy Studio                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 What do I […]

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