Lonely Tower’s Continuing Scribes’ Class

Sunday, two days ago, was a busy day. I hosted the Lonely Tower Scribes Class from 2-5 pm, in my dining room.

I tried to prepare the evening before but I was out of blue printer ink. I’d have to wait until the store was open to buy it to print my class handouts. Ugh.

I’m usually an over organizer, too.

Sunday morning I realized my handout for Painting Acanthus Leaves was so old it wasn’t on my computer. Not even in my flash drive or the Cloud.

Eventually, I figured a workaround. I had the handout for painting them like those in the Goettingen Model Book in my portfolio binder. I would scan it and print it, along with Gael Stirler’s instructions from the Gutenberg School of Scribes website. I could relax.

M. Rolf arrived and we discussed the class plan, and as usual adapted it. I would take lead with illumination first, then he’d do his gold leaf demo, and teach the new script. It was a lot, but we had three hours.

The scribes arrived and we started. We even had a first-time attendee. Ly. Kistrin is talented and drove an hour to be with us. I was glad to see her.

Scribes Painting  

As we worked M. Rolf and I realized the class morphed into color mixing. Not a surprise, because most student scribes use Reeves or Artist Loft beginner paints. Student paints have a limited color range compared to artist grade paints.

The color mixing process added time. M. Rolf chose to postpone his gold leafing demo. Gold leafing is tricky and depends on the ambient humidity. Timing it is iffy.

M. Rolf taught the new script, a less formal English document script, described sometimes as secretary, Batarde, or even cursive. Most Western European areas used a variant.

The class finished and the students left. I fed my dogs and exercised them. Then my friend Grace picked me up and we went to a concert. It was a fast paced day, and concert check-in is hectic too.

Paul McCartney, Omaha, 7/23/2017

After getting snacks and finding our seats, I could unwind. Until this amazing musical icon had everyone on their feet for hours providing us an inspiring dance down memory lane.

I was so fortunate to see Sir Paul McCartney perform live because a friend was kind enough to take me with her. Thank you, Grace.

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