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Reconnect & Explore: Welcome Back to An Itinerant Scribe!

Hey there, lovely readers of Itinerant Scribe! It feels incredible to be back and reconnect with all of you after what seems like an eternity. As we slowly emerge from the pandemic shadows, I can’t help but feel this is the perfect time to embark on a brand new chapter together. So, in this first post after our little break, I’m bursting with excitement and a renewed passion for all things creative, curious, and the wonderful world of the SCA. Oh, the past few years have been quite a ride, haven’t they? Our beloved SCA temporarily closing its doors to in-person activities was quite the twist. But you know what? It gave us a unique opportunity to take a step back, reflect, and either refresh our garb, armor, and artistic skills or take a breather. I’ve now had the chance to reconnect with my dear friends from Lonely Tower, engaging in delightful discussions about heraldry, weaving, and the intricacies of armor. And let me tell you, meeting fellow enthusiasts like you at Calontir events, and seeing your incredible creations, has been absolutely inspiring! Speaking of inspiration, it has reignited my passion for scribal arts as well. I’m diving back into the scribal world, finding new ways to adapt and grow in this creative journey. But you know what truly brings me joy? Reconnecting with all of you, my wonderful readers. I’ve missed you, and I can’t wait to share this […]

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Pandemic Silver Linings

I stopped blogging because I didn't see how telling you how I thought best to handle the SCA crafts and activities related to living your life during the Coronavirus pandemic. Now I hope we learn from it and
appreciate each other after long being deprived of personal interactions. Let's use this isolation's latent benefits and turn the pandemic into good.

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You, Me And Change

Dear Readers. I had a whole post written for you today, but after reading Jeremy Young’s summary of the 20 page Imperial College’s COVID-19 Report about the plague’s possible outcomes my post seems pointless. Being informed is always important. But sometimes new information seems scary because it challenges everything you know. What you learn may possibly change your life forever. This is a time where living without information will affect your life dramatically. Knowing it will make your future more reasonable as things change. So I encourage you to at least read Young’s summary as I did. Because our lives will change dramatically, I’m taking time off from here to rethink my blog’s path as my usual topics now seem irrelevant. Having you in my life means the world to me. Please do all you know and possibly can do to stay well during the Coronavirus Crises. May you and all who matter to you stay safe and well.

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Medieval Couch Potato Pilgrimage

Do you watch travel programs on TV? If you do you’re not alone. Many watch to research possible trips or vicariously see places they may never visit. With my broken ankle I’ve been doing that since I won’t be traveling anywhere soon. I’m running away from my couch-bound life and winter’s dreary days. A pilgrimage of sorts. In the middle […]

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How To Be Happy With A Broken Ankle – Not

As you may know, I broke my ankle Christmas eve. It was a beautiful sunny day. I was walking my dog before running my last holiday errands. Then I fell on some black ice. So much for the errands. I’ve been on crutches for five weeks now. But I got some good news at the doctor this week. I can ditch the crutches. Annoyingly, I have to keep the walking boot for three more weeks. Process I’ve read a few other broken ankle blog posts and it seems the average no walking time is around 6-8 weeks. I’m lucky the break wasn’t bad and my no walking time has only been five weeks. It’s still a broken ankle and that takes time to heal. But it’s nice to see the healing progress. No matter the severity the healing process goes like this Phase 1: no walking Phase 2: walking with assistance (the stage I’m in now) Phase 3: walking without mobility aids Phase 4: back to “normal” The severity of your break and your healing progress determines how long each phase lasts. They also determine the procedures and aids you need. So the healing timeline is flexible, even if you weren’t. Blessings Walking in a boot without crutches is a blessing. I can now carry light things. I wouldn’t have to ask for help to carry my plate like I did at the A & S Revel. It’s blessing to […]

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