Arts and Sciences Presentation In The SCA

Over my 26 years in the SCA I’ve heard people lament documenting their re-creation for a competition. They show me their pre-1600 “what’s it” then ask me, “How can I show it off?” 

Here’s help for you, divided in two sections. The first doesn’t require detailed writing. The second gives links to remove scary from documentation.

Limited Writing Helps

Group Displays

Coronation Scribal Guild Display

In a display there’s no judges or prizes. Some ask you for a small information card with your name, the item’s name, century and place. Easy labels.

You could show your stuff in a largess display or fundraising silent auction. But remember with these your item will be given away for the Crown’s use or some one else’s.

Calontir Guilds organize displays at events at times to show off members’ works. They’re common at Coronation or Lilies War. You might take part in it. Or show your stuff at a local recruiting demonstration.

And there’s the ever popular “rat-on-your-friends”display. This is where people show off creations they have received from friends or as largess. For this you’ll have to coax a friend into displaying your work for you.

Discussion Groups

In Calontir you could share your work in an “artisan show-and-tell“, like back in school. That’s where crafters gather around a table and talk about their creations passing them around for all to see. I’ve seen some zesty discussions happen at these gathe

If you can’t find an “artisans’ show and tell” offer to lead one yourself. Encourage everyone to comment, but keep the discussion moving. Finish with your creation and a thanks to all attending for participating.

Populace Choice Competitions

Lonely Tower 12th Night
Populace Choice Competition

Similar to displays, but with a winner. Event attendees pick the entry they prefer by placing a bead or other item in the entrant’s designated “cup”. The entry with the most tokens wins. These competitions ask for a card label so viewer know what they’re seeing. Some competitions ask for more. The event notice will tell you. It will also give the competition theme, like “tree in any medium” or “drinking vessel”.

Court Presentation

While you don’t have to write a paper for this one you do present yourself in court. Everyone watching will see you give the King and Queen your creation. You can give Their Majesties gifts for themselves or for them to regift as largess.

12th Night Or Birthday Presents

If you’re giving your work as a present to a notable person consider the recipient. How would they display or use it? Can they easily keep it with them?

Event Merchant

I’ve never merchanted so you’ll want to ask someone who has before doing this. To me it seems to take more organization, planning, storage and hauling than I want to do. It may also take having your own tables, chairs and shelves. Still, many turn their craft into income. Sometimes on-line, too.

Kingdom Novice Competitions

Every year Calontir holds Queens Prize Tourney (QPT). My favorite competition, though I’m not a novice. While I can’t enter, I love sponsoring others. This amazing event hosts upteen artisans with a huge craft variety. To enter, you find a sponsor who helps you with anything, except the hands-on making. I’ve helped with registration and documentation. It’s an amazing event plus only the basic 3″x5″ card stuff is required to enter. 

Documentation Helps 

What can you do if you want to write documentation? How do you learn it or improve? Here are links to helps. 

Documentation Links

A & S Documentation Made Simple–A two page pdf about documentation steps. I’ve judged many entries with documentation presented in this form.

The SCA Arts and Sciences Easy Documentation-Writing Form. This is an editable online for that guides you through the documentation process. I highly recommend you have a look at it.

Kingdom of Atlantia Arts and Sciences Handbook includes three brief sections on documentation. 

Kingdom Criteria 

As I come from the Kingdom of Calontir, I include this link to its Arts and Sciences Criteria. Learn what judges expect from you about your creation. 

I enjoy writing documentation because it’s a way to learn about my project. I connect to its time and place melding with people who would have used my recreation.

Documentation doesn’t have to be scary. Knowing how to do it is just another learning experience.  

Take the leap and venture out. Use one of these helps and show your re-creation to the SCA’s Known World.

I promise you the populace want to see your work.