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New Calligraphy Kit? New Pens/Nibs? Some tips on how to get started and a reminder for the rest of us.

Originally posted on scribescribbling:
This will be a series of blog posts aimed to help the newly starting calligrapher.  I won’t cover every detail as beginners tend to get overwhelmed by all the details.  This is about how to get started and then improve from there. Christmas time is often when people are gifted their first calligraphy kit(s).  They get…

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Art in the Eastern Roman Empire

Originally posted on Novo Scriptorium:
A nation’s tastes and mentality are nowhere more clearly preserved than in its arts. These embody its loftiest ambitions and most telling achievements. Byzantium’s arts clearly reflect the national genius, for the sharp division between religious and secular art did not hamper Byzantine artists; since both flourished side by side, artists had ample opportunity for…

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Margaret of York, Duchess Consort of Burgundy

Originally posted on Maidens and Manuscripts: Taking a fresh look at people and events from 1347 to 1625, with a focus on women and illuminated manuscripts:
by Heather R. Darsie In case you missed it on 3 May 2018 at On 3 May 1446, the future Edward IV of England and his parents welcomed a baby girl. She was named Margaret, possibly after Margaret of Anjou, who was Queen Consort of England at the time. Margaret of York’s life was greatly influenced by her brother Edward, and her prominence rose with his. After her marriage and move to Burgundy, Margaret continued to support her family in England and remain a prominent figure in Burgundy for the rest of her life. Margaret of York, via Wikimedia Commons Margaret later became Duchess of Burgundy. A marriage between Margaret and the widowed Charles the Bold of Burgundy was first considered in 1454, when Margaret was roughly six years old. Charles had been unlucky in marriage and was a widower twice over by the time Charles was about thirty-two. Charles’ first wife, whom he married in 1440 when he was but seven years old, died in 1446. Given the tender age of the groom, the marriage was never consummated. The marriage between the Burgundian Charles and the French Princess Catherine, daughter of King Charles VII and sister of the future Louis XI, was a result of the Treaty of Arras from 1435. The Treaty of Arras…

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Happy Thanksgiving

A little thought, and a little kindness are worth more than a great deal of money. — John Ruskin Things may have changed regarding what we know about the first US Thanksgiving. What I do know is it is important for us to be grateful, kind and appreciate what we have. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

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