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Tips And Tricks To Making A Neat Scroll

I make them too. One distinguishing trait between a beginning scribe and an experienced one is their clean page. Experienced scribes have tricks they use to keep their scroll neat and clean as they work. Here I offer some to you in case you haven’t figured them out yourself.  Wash your hands before you begin working and omit hand lotion. Don’t have […]

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Why Is Art Important In The SCA?

Medieval art involved not creative freedom but subjection to rules. Some time after classical antiquity all period creations were done for God’s glory. If that’s the case how does art relate to you and me in the Society for Creative Anachronism? Especially since the organization is apolitical and nonreligious. Why is Art important in the SCA? First, what is art? […]

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Missing 12th Night

I didn’t plan to forgo 12th Night. I had handmade gifts for my Lonely Tower friends – lotion bars, lip balm, and chocolate dipped candy canes for their winter coffees. I had the Arts and Sciences competition things prepared and ready to go. Looking forward to my favorite winter holiday. Sadly a serious out of town family emergency arose. A […]

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Throwback Criteria

Calligraphy Criteria  -Novice While it’s not Thursday yet I thought you’d like to see a throwback of sorts from August of 1996.  Years ago the Kingdom of Calontir had Arts and Sciences’s Criteria that were different than those we use today. The other day I was reorganizing some papers and my copies for both calligraphy and illumination resurfaced.  I’d been […]

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"Uncopyright Notice" Notice

Historiated initial of a man citing a layman by touching him with a staff.  You may have noticed I now have a copywrite on my blog. Well, it’s actually an uncopywrite. I am releasing my rights to everything I personally create here and place them all into the public domain.  What does that include? That includes articles I’ve written or linked to my posts on this blog since I started it in December 2015. Unless I state otherwise that will apply to any future content I personally create and publish on What does this mean to you? As much as you want you can use my uncopyrighted work in various ways. You could:  Repost it on your own website  Translate it into other languages Transfer it to different media like your own articles and posts Make money from what you create from my work such as selling it in ebook form or linking it to Amazon and make money. Develop a scribal workshop or seminar based on my handouts You don’t need to directly ask my permission to do these or other things. You can just do it. If you’re not sure about something, consult your inner counsel and make whatever decision you believe is honorable. Don’t ask me about anything legal because it’s all Greek to me. Plus, I’ve already put this in the public domain. While I am giving away the copyrights, if you reuse my work, please give me […]

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Challenging The New Year

Calendar fragment with wishes for the new year. Printed in Basel between 1480 and 1490. ow in the British Museum The New Year is fast approaching. Just two days away. As I do most every year at this time I reflect on the last year. I encourage you to do the same for your SCA life.  You’ll want to consider both things that went well for you and things that did not. What inspired your SCA creativity and what depleted your energy? And how well you used your hobby time?  After pondering those questions I consider what I learned last year. And, what  I did with what I learned. And finally, I consider how I might do things differently in this new year. For the future I set goals. One long-term goal that I chop into several that are shorter.  Last year my SCA goal was to better connect with the SCA scribal community. Then M. Aidan – the current Calontir Minister of Arts and Sciences – chose to take within the scribal community all Book Arts, not just the skills used for making scrolls. So I expanded my goal slightly to connecting better with Calontir’s book artisans.   As with many SCAdians, the reason for this goal was my restricted budget. I wanted a way to connect and support Calontir scribes that didn’t involve kenneling my two dogs for extended periods. The kennel cost limits my participation. You may have limiting budget factors too. Most of us […]

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Merry Christmas All

I’m fortunate my grandkids wanted this Grandma to stay overnight again this year. Waking up and watching them open their presents is my gift from them. There is no greater joy than seeing their dreams come true on Christmas. They won’t always be so eager for my sleepover with them, but for now I will enjoy it and be grateful. I […]

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Christmas Wishes From The 16th Century

With tomorrow being Christmas I thought you would enjoy this 16th-century poem describing what it meant at least to Thomas Musser – the poet of early Elizabethan farm life. Musser wrote about it in his book Fiue Hundreth Pints O Good Husbandry chapter 23.  Feast from the British Library’s 16th-c digitized Golf Book Add MS 24098  f. 19 Of Christ cōmeth Christmas, the name wt ye feast, a time […]

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Kris Kinder Market in Calontir

Well, this didn’t go well. I’m a delinquent blogger. So many pictures for your viewing, so little time during the holidays. Earlier this month I went to Calontir’s Kris Kinder Market event, again. It’s my favorite indoor event. Who doesn’t like to shop and visit with friends? Here are a few of the many photos I snapped while browsing the wares […]

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