Who I Am

Since you’re here you’re curious about An Itinerant Scribe. You want to know what I have to offer you other blogs don’t.

Perhaps you hope to find a fellow scribe, traveler, artisan-ally, or pastime helpmate. Maybe you just want to spark something new in your life.

Here’s What I Share

I’m here to connect with you through my hobby hodgepodge.

  • calligraphy and illumination
  • historical reenactment
  • craft adventures
  • creativity
  • musings
  • road-trips and travel
  • plus occasional oddities

A Few Key Beliefs

  • I believe you have a deep-rooted, joyful power to be creative.
  • I believe you deserve happiness, respect, and heartfelt appreciation.
  • I believe you have a goal to be the best you can be.

These hobbies and beliefs energize me. I hope they will inspire you, too.

How I Got Here

I am an RDH. Thankfully – after 35 years working – RDH now means Retired Dental Hygienist. My home-life is overfilled by a crazy dog and lazy white cat. I spend time every week with my two loving, active grandkids, but I also enjoy neighborhood walks and tai chi.

During my life’s journey I discovered a huge hobby collection and love of learning through historical recreation. Because of those in 2010 I was welcomed into the SCA‘s august Order of the Laurel mostly for my calligraphy and illumination skills. But I haven’t stopped growing. I’m still learning.

If If you look online, you’ll find me by my SCA name Jehanne Bening  who lives in the Kingdom of Calontir. My persona is a 15th century manuscript illuminator working for Alexander Bening in Bruges.

Itinerant Scribe‘s History

In December of 2015 I started my first blog Create Me 365 as a creative outlet and a way to connect with you. I don’t make money from it or even try to. I do it for the creative joy.

In March of 2019 I switched my blog to WordPress and gave my blog the name An Itinerant Scribe. It’s an ongoing process. Although I changed little in the transition I’m still hunting for lost followers. If you’re one, welcome back.

However you arrived here I’m glad you did. When you’re able, you can write to me by the email <itinerantjehanne@gmail.com>. I also welcome your considerate comments on my posts and pictures. I truly want to know your discoveries, opinions, and questions because your thoughts and words matter.