Putting Medievalists

This happened Friday evening. My friends and I dressed in “garb” and met at Medieval Putt in Elkhorn to bobble our way through 18 holes.  

I’m not great at this. In fact, I’m ghastly. Then throw in riding a mini zip line all I could do was have fun. And I did. So much I missed the best pictures swinging a club unsuccessfully.

After several energetic rounds, Lonely Tower’s Baron Augustin found a place to rest and relax to watch Baron Master Misha sink another putt.

What’s this? Can’t you tell? It’s a foam red and black Lonely Tower constructed by Augustin in his spare time.

But my team wasn’t the only one. And there were more dragons to see.

Just too cool.—>

Crossbows and minigolf. What could go wrong? 

Nothing really. But the bow wasn’t much help getting the ball to the target either.

Meanwhile, the Tower’s other teams surged forward.

After the game, M. Rose took her turn on the dragon.

The crowning photo is the whole gang collecting with the dragon for a Barony of the Lonely Tower Medieval Putt team photo.

Image may contain: 17 people, including Jim Janicki, Susan Gordon, Joan Alfers, Kimberly Bowles, Sylvia Kostisin, Dia Hilton and Roger Norton, people smiling
Photo courtesy of Jim Janicki

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