Surviving The Event Black Hole

The Calontir RUSH Book Arts Seminar is only three days away. I am now in a black hole of confusion. As Event Steward, I am in the uncomfortable spot in an event timeline that is often chaos.

Have you ever been there? Pulling your hair out chaos.

While I think I’ve organized everything into oblivion, the preparation steps are not quite complete. There is still positioning everything at the event site, which won’t happen for two more days.

This is also the time as a RUSH Regent – my second hat – when I beg and pray all the scheduled instructors will stay committed. May no SNAFUs or monkey-wrenches enter their lives. While I have a friend or two who could pull out a dusty class and fill in, that’s disappointing for all. Especially if you are the student who drives hours, maybe overnight, for just one class and then it’s missing.

It’s also when a creeping feeling follows me around whispering, “It won’t work.” I want to fix all and move on, push through and get the job done because I fear the whispers coming true.

To tamp them I revisit my plans and break them apart. I dismantle every section into tiny pieces and ask more questions: 

  • Have I gotten off track? What’s missing?
  • Does one of my staff need help? Who could do that?
  • Have I prepared enough? Or overdone it?
  • Is there another approach I could use? Should I ask for someone’s opinion?

I don’t know if this is over preparation, but it helps with the whispers – at least partly – until I can take more action. It doesn’t take them away completely and the waiting continues to beat down my confidence.

Hopefully, these nagging doubts and questions lead to a better event. Sometimes vague feelings are like NCIS Gibbs infamous “gut”  signals to look deeper or make a change.

The day is fast approaching, but since I’m used to a fast-food world it can’t get here soon enough. 

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