Craft Dancing

True ease in writing comes from Art, not chance, as those move easiest who have learned to dance. — Sound and Sense by Alexander Pope.

I came across this aphorism in a book I picked up down the street at the Half-Price Books Store. The quote describes the way good writing appears. It’s a bold claim that a good writer makes it look effortless and easy. 

I like the quote because if you substitute a word like “calligraphy”, “embroidery” or “silversmithing” – any art or craft you choose – it becomes a rousing inspiration for your particular creativity. A call to master your chosen craft as Pope describes. Just as people who look really great doing their thing dancing had to learn. They didn’t come to it by chance and spontaneity.

Creativity is a balance between innovation and learning. At times it flows smooth and easy. Other times, especially learning times, you struggle and your steps are slow. Your passion keeps you moving forward and keeps the fun in learning.

Everyone is creative, more or less. It isn’t reserved for geniuses or an unattainable state. It’s more the direction you take it and the way you choose to adapt.

Pennsic War XXIII

Creativity can be:

  • Auditory
  • Mechanical
  • Physical
  • Relational
  • Verbal
  • Visual

And more.

No one knows – although many search – if you can learn to be more creative. In my experience, I am more creative when I loosen up and just have fun. When I stop comparing my efforts to what others do. 

There are no step-by-step dance directions for you to grasp creativity directly. It takes lateral thinking. Solving problems indirectly, using gauzy reasoning or misty ideas not immediately obvious. 

Keep exploring and having fun in whatever direction the SCA or life takes you. Give yourself permission to innovate. Creativity will flow.

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