Cattle Raids Photo Array

Cattle Raids is the Barony of Mag Mors predominant camping event. For the last several years it’s been held at Nebraska’s Cass County Fairgrounds, a site closer to my Baronial home than theirs. I missed it last year due to family activities, so I was excited to attend this one.

Cattle Raids is always enjoyable for me. This year’s flyer showed it wouldn’t be out-done.

As I relish doing, I took many photos. I’ve included my best. I wish I could make notes about each one. Often I take them on a whim.

After checking in at the troll gate and paying I’m greeted by a room of friends. So many I’ll never get to talk with them all.

I saw this striking dress across the room and was compelled to talk with the owner. I made a new friend. M. Gwynna Emrys from the Kingdom of Meridies (Alabama, most of Georgia, Tennessee, the Florida panhandle and parts of southern Kentucky). She was at the event because of something special that would happen later. It had to be great, for her to come so far.

I talked with M. Vincent de Vere and watched him soldering.

I found Ld William Rodulfus painting his wood medieval game boards. His medieval game expertise is extensive and he takes to a higher level by painting these detailed boards.

After seeing what friends were doing in the great hall I went outside to see what was happening on the field. This site is so big I couldn’t stay long in any one place. I’m sure I missed as many happening as I photographed.


The Mag Mor members are known for making everything they do work well and be fun. Many of their members taking on multiple tasks during the three-day event. Even Baron Vilhjálmr Hálftroll is helping by marshaling armored combat.

Eventually, I wandered by the Barony of the Lonely Tower’s sun shade. My local group welcomed me, but I was headed to the far side of the camp and would visit with them later.

Sitting under HL Geraude’s sun-shade I attempted to take a picture of the steel fighters and caught a good picture of  B. Marguerite des Baus as well.

As I returned to the great hall for lunch the herald called everyone to court on the field.

Several awards were presented including an Iren Hirth for Lonely Tower’s B. Augustin le Blinde.

The simple, hearty lunchinnincluded potage, a thick soup with meat or vegetarian. I found mine cheerfully served and very tasty. The large dessert selection made it difficult to choose the best.

While I enjoyed lunch with HL Astrid Esbjornsdottor and HL Michael de Lundie, many attended a class on embroidery. You can see the students gathered around Queen Issabell plying needle and thread to cloth.

As a scribe, I investigate similar artisans and their works. This gentleman spent hours relearning a script. When I passed by later, he was doing quite well. I didn’t bother him, except to say well done, so I didn’t get his name.

This photo is from the blank border competition. They were all done by M. Rolf Hobart and would be donated to the Kingdom for later use. Rolf’s work is exceptional. Sadly he was the only entrant.

After lunch, I went back outside to find a friend at the archery field.

Then on to see the equestrian activities. I was just in time to catch His Majesty on a horse. And soon after the Herald called for another field court.

It was time to prepare for the formal evening court. I wanted to be early so I could have an aisle seat near the front. I heard a rumor court would be lengthy even with the many honors Their Majesties presented on the field.

Their Majesties entered on horseback, commanding and time-consuming.

With numerous awards and honors presented throughout the day, you may want this link to the list provided by Dorcas Whitecap in the Falcon Banner.

After court, the Barony provided food at their evening “inn”. Unfortunately, I had to return home because my dog sitter time was almost up. Many stayed and camped through the night to share bardic songs and homemade brews. Someday maybe I will too.

I am constantly amazed at what small Baronies like Mag Mor can do. From set-up, archery, equestrian, children’s activities, armored combat, cut and thrust fighting, meals, arts and sciences competitions, and classes to site clean up and equipment storage Mag Mor manages to do it all well. And have fun, too.

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