12th Night 2016: Barony of Lonely Tower’s Midwinter SCA Festival

The Barony of the Lonely Tower delivered another striking Twelfth Night mid-winter SCA fete, January 2, 2016. Calontir Steel and Armored Combat fighters wielded weapons in multiple diverse contests.
Two fighters compete with faux swords
Armored Combat Competition
Lonely Tower’s annual event kick starts the years event calendar. It delights Calontir’s warmhearted, non-fighting populace with day-long friendship, fun, and festivities. 
The annual revelry presents all-ages activities, classes, and crafts.
Children playing with an adult watching
Children Share Activities

Lonely Tower’s annual silent auction sells numerous thrifty SCA related items funding its local, weekly activities. 

Medievally dressed man looks at auction item
Graf Volkmar Considers Auction Item
HL Clare Supervises Silent Auction
At day’s end, Calontir’s rulers present the deserving populace awards, prizes and moving announcements.
Audience wait for court to begin.
Court Will Start Momentarily
Competetion Prize Presentation During Court
Lonely Tower’s winter festivities enliven the dreary winter, providing fighters skill practice, others learning experiences and everyone friendly social exchange. Calontir is my extended family.

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