SCA Melee Skill Practice at Winter War Maneuvers

This was the moment he most loved about tourneying, that first glorious sortie with banners streaming, trumpets blaring, and the earth atremble with pounding hooves as hundreds of knights came together in a spectacular clash of sound and fury. 

― Sharon Kay PenmanDevil’s Brood

Have you ever seen Medieval-style fighting? Recently I saw SCA warriors preparing, so they could soon feel the spectacular clash as Penman describes. Calontir‘s army and guests thrash each other in melee skill practice, for the learning experience. This was at Mag Mor‘s Winter War Maneuvers.  

Many medieval style current fighters practicing skills.
Melee Warm Up

Pole armed fighters paying attention to instructions.
Listening to Instructions

You see apparent mass mayhem punctuated by “ring-side” instruction.

Small groups of standing armored fighters listening to directions
Fighters Gather for Group Directions

Field Court

Meetings and Court break up the day.    
Knights Swear Fealty to HRM Matsu
Another Melee Round Supervised by the Marshall 

Followed by more inspiring (or perspiring) melee practice.

On the sidelines, you saw children playing with crafts.
 And adults playing as children. 

Sharp sewing, eager embroidery, chipper chatting, spinning, lace making, eating, and various furtherance activities went unphotographed.  
At the final Closing Court, you saw His Majesty Matsu give out honors and make announcements. Unfortunately, I was already on my way home. 

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