The New Barony of the Lonely Tower’s Arts and Sciences’ Revel

Arts and Sciences in the Kingdom of Calontir are a big deal. Those hand-done crafts create our medieval ambiance. So you’ll often find us working on a handmade project, even at events.

Events in the Kingdom and in our Barony encourage your participation in competitions. Last Sunday the Barony of the Lonely Tower held their annual Arts and Sciences Championship Revel. 

This annual cold weather competition selects a person to represent the Barony to the outer world in those activities and to encourage others in Arts and Sciences. A&S Champion for a year.

While competitions are our greatest learning and sharing excuse, you’ll find more at a revel than that. It’s a time to wear your fine period clothing and visit with new or longtime friends. Enjoy tasty pot-luck dishes, some made with medieval recipes. 

And for me, it’s a time to snap pictures for this blog.

Heather giving Her Excellency Aleit a hug.

After time for visiting the buffet is served.

Their Excellencies lead the line.

M. Rolf and HL Cristina
checking the entries.

While you’re visiting with friends, the Baron and Baroness Augustin le Blinde and Aleit de la Thomme, with the outgoing A & S Champion, Honorable Lord Nikolai Kolpachnik look at each entry, talk with the creators, and read each entries’ brief documentation. 

This year’s theme was “Persona Accessories”. As Nikolai described it:

What we are looking for are 2 (or more) distinct items that are something your persona (or someone else’s persona if you so desire) would have/could have used.

For example: For my present [Russian] persona, I could construct another snazzy fur trimmed hat, and a belt purse. Someone with a Norse viking era persona could do a string of glass beads, and an ear spoon. Someone with the persona of a monk connected to a scriptorium could make a candle holder, and a candle, etc.

This year’s four entrants’ displays were:

HL Cristina la Ambeler
Embroidery and waxed linen.

M. Nesscia inghean ChearnaighHood with inkle woven trim
and St. Brigita cap.
Mary Carbonez
Celtic pouch and kumihimo.
Lady Zafar Baabur
Calligraphy and illumination on vellum
and handmade quills
TE Aleit and Augustin
with M. Rhodri the Herald.

The revel is completed by a Baronial Court in which Their Excellencies present awards and announcements are made. 

L. William receiving a Rose Window award.

Lord William Radulfus and Honorable Lady Cristina la Ambeler both received Rose Window awards for their well-done arts. William makes and shares lovely painted wood game boards and Cristina’s cooking, gardening and embroideries are beyond compare. 

HL Cristina kneeling in court.

And, drum-roll, please. This year’s 
A & S Champion was given to HL Cristina la Ambeler. It was a tough competition. An honorable mention was even given to Lady Zafara Baarbur. As far as I can remember, it’s the first honorable mention ever presented.

Huge congratulations to all. Hazzah!

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