Lonely Tower’s Arts and Sciences Champion Feels The Love

Saturday was the Barony‘s Arts and Sciences Championship Revel. Many of you already know what an SCA Revel is. But if you don’t, it’s a party held in period clothing that lasts only a few hours. A mini event if you will. This one was a time to drive away the winter blues and gather to find the next Lonely Tower cardinal crafter.

Our revels include a potluck meal with a few planned activities. Saturday’s activity – besides food, friends, and fete – was to replace me with the next Arts and Sciences Champion. The person tasked to imbue other members with joy in medieval crafting. So the first thing up was the craft displays.

The Entrants display their creations.

The next activity was of course the food buffet. As I am still using crutches due to my broken ankle Matthew kindly offered to carry my platter as I selected from the offered moveable feast. Franchise chickens, casseroles, salads, bread options, and sundry scrumptious sweets.

The Populace chatting up each other.

After the repast Baron Augustin, Baroness Aleit and I chatted with each of the six entrants about their creations. Asking about their inspiration, skills, and plans. We then withdrew to another room to discuss our observations and to come to an agreement.

All that gave time for others to eat more from the buffet and hang out with friends. Who knows what high jinks and fickleness they contrived while we were cloistered.

The finale was the Baronial court. And since I was part of it I had my apprentice – HL Astrid Esbjornsdotter – take the pictures. She overdid it so I selected the court highlights.

Lady Æþelwyn æt Ulancumbe receiving her Baronial cord.
Lord Gaius Cornelius Scipio Titianus welcomed to the Baronial Order of the Column
Matthew receiving the Barony’s Cord.
Me presenting the charger HL Astrid made to the Baron and Baroness
And the artisan chosen as the Baronial A & S Champion was Lady Æþelwyn æt Ulancumbe

As the Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion you receive the giant needle that acts as sort of a scepter for the office. But as of today you also receive the hand-painted charger traveling-trophy. Use them well and return them in a year for the next champion to receive.

This revel depicts the things we love most about the Society for Creative Anachronism, the reasons we create. And they’re also true for Lady Æþelwyn æt Ulancumbe.

Why did she make things? Well she enjoyed it, of course, but it also somehow helped her remember who she was and where she came from.

Amy Rubin Flett

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