8 Handy Accessory Scribal Tools

Besides the necessary papers, paints brushes, pens, and ink there’re other helpful tools you may want. The obvious are a water container, plastic palette and vinyl eraser. But you may also find these others useful.

My Favvorites

A well marked ruler. Some scribes prefer a metal edged ruler with a cork back. The cork raises the ruler keeping liquids from spreading down the rulers length and slipping on slick surfaces like the new electronic tracing light-box. I also like the plastic ones that measure and mark the center.

A graduated size circle template. These are the best for making quick work of drawing a scroll’s badge or other circular shape.

Artist color wheel. A color-mixing guide that usually contains color information including primary, secondary, complementary, harmony, and warm/cool colors.

Ames lettering guide. This is a clear template used with a mechanical pencil for making parallel lines for calligraphy. While a little daunting when you begin using it, once you get the knack it’s a quality time-saver.

Framing mats. They’re not just for picture frames. I use them to mark out my scroll’s margins. I have one for each standard framing size. Making a scroll a standard frame size makes it easier and cheaper for the recipient to frame the scroll.

Drawing board. The Rotring Rapid A3 size is considered a best investment. You can find it for about $80. It gives you incredible precision when making parallel lines.

LED Tracing Light Box. I won’t say much here because I’ve written a whole post on it previously. I’m very partial to it though.

And last but not least plastic grid transparencies. I have grids ink-jet printed for my most frequently used script sizes. I use them with my light box placing them under my support.

There are so many art tool combinations possible. Every scribe has their favorites. Sometimes I’m picky – sometimes the best tool is whatever I grab. But having the right tools gives you freedom to bring your scroll’s vision to life.

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