Update on Tracing Light Box

Recently I posted about my lightbox setup. This has changed slightly. I now have an LED light pad and I’m very excited about it.

I wouldn’t have bought this but M. Rolf came to Lonely Tower’s scribes’ class and showed us his. I was so thrilled about it I went on Amazon to look for it. 

Unfortunately, M. Rolf didn’t have its name or other specifics. It’s a bit weird; the label only says where it’s made and its electronic specifics. There’s no brand name on it. 

But, I did know its size, its basic appearance, and M. Rolf’s approximate cost. So I went hunting on Amazon. I think I found it. 

It’s a Holidayli. Very reasonably priced.   

My new Holidayli lightpad.

Its A3 12.5″ x 16.5″ size, 24.5 ounces and USB power connection make it very portable. So portable that with a battery pack I could even take it camping at Lilies War.

It is made from a wear-resistant acrylic material with a bright uniform light that has 3 settings. The medium setting seems about what my old lightbox gave off. The brightest setting allows me to leave the room lights on while I use it. That makes hunting for a different nib, pencil, or paint color easier.  

It meets all the criteria I listed in my prior post, plus the work area is larger. I can also turn it for portrait or landscape orientation. Something my Light Tracer II couldn’t do.

I already had a lightbox, but this was too outstanding a deal to miss. And I’m not disappointed. I love it. So I’m telling everyone.

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