The Insiders Guide To Scribal Gifts

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And gift giving season is almost here.

If you’re like me, you’re already holiday shopping. And your friends and family are asking what you’d like too.

In the SCA it’s not as simple. You’ve probably received beauteous handmade gifts, some even from a scribe. How do you return the favor?

Supplies are always a possibility. You might get them a new tool for that project they’re dying to do. Or materials they always use, so they wiped out their scribal stash.

Art materials and tools are a big deal for scribes and artists. They spend time and effort looking for deals to save money OR buy everything from one online place to avoid paying multiple shipping fees. It can be a big pain.

A gift gives your scribe something appreciated they can use or learn to use. It also saves them money and time. So to help you out I put together a few scribal gift ideas they’ll adore. Then I also give you the best online places to shop for your selection.

Scribal Gift Ideas

Whether you’re shopping for an SCA scribe or you are the creative person here are 18 gift ideas to consider. Some are so economical so you might combine them together. Or use them as small tokens of appreciation at an event.

  • Ames Lettering Guide
  • Bristol paper, smooth Strathmore
  • Brushes
  • Finetec gold, single pan
  • Gouache single tubes of gouache
  • gum Arabic 
  • Gum sandarac, powdered
  • LED light pad
  • Masking tape, low tack
  • Micron pens
  • Oak galls
  • Pen nibs and holders
  • Period ink
  • Sea scallop shells
  • Sketch books
  • Small boxes to hold paint brushes
  • Sumi metalic ink
  • Templates, circle or square
  • T-squares
  • Gift certificates

Here’s my favorite places to shop online for art supplies. A few are limited in their item focus like the Limners’ Guild. Others are huge warehouses,. Those buy in bulk to keep their costs down.

Popular Art Supply Sellers

Not to complicate you holiday shopping, but before you buy – whether it’s a few white erasers or a full medieval pigment set – I suggest you check out fellow scribes recommendations. And if you’re buying online from other than a reputable, well-known merchant be aware that even if the price is low, you may end up with something that’s not exactly what you expect.

Calontir’s Kris Kinder Market Event

As a scribe I know artisans can be tough group to shop for. I hope my holiday shopping ideas leave you inspired. If not there’s always Kris Kinder Market too.

Whatever you choose to gift this season, I’m sure it will be prized. After all, it’s a gift from your heart.

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