Holiday Shopping For SCA Scribes, Book Artists And Friends

Gifts featured at Kris Kinder.

With Thanksgiving over it’s time you turn to preparing for the coming winter holidays’ gift-giving. Here’s a few shopping tips and budget friendly ideas.

You could put together a scribal gift-pack like the one I described in my post Holiday Scribal Gift Ideas. It’s easy to make yourself and a great gift for a want-to-be scribe for 12th Night.  

Or you could give one of my 8 Scribal Books For Cyber-Monday Shopping. These classic sources are great because there are so few books for illuminators at local bookstores. And nothing on history, gouache application, or medieval manuscript terminology. There aren’t many current books in this category. But these are books I have and use to this day. 

More from Calontir’s Kris Kinder

And in Calontir you can enjoy shopping for gifts at Kris Kinder December 8th. It’s the yearly winter holiday shopping extravaganza for Calontiri. It bursts with quality handcrafted toys, attire, jewelry, camp gear, edibles, weapons, and armor tempting money out of 600 attendees’ pockets. 

If you can’t make Kris Kinder you might buy your SCA friend trim online from Calontir Trim‘s catalog. Master Andrixos offers you “Fabulous Trims at Fantastic Prices”, great for all persona eras and places. If you’re unsure which trim to buy check out his links.

But perhaps your SCA friend – sadly – doesn’t do trim. If he or she is a book artist check out John Neal’s calligraphy, illumination or bookbinding items. OR just buy a gift certificate online.

Finding the perfect present can be a challenge. This post will help you step up to the task with gift ideas for your budget and many SCAdian interests. So happy gifting friend.

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