Lilies War 2019

Calontir’s Lilies War might not be the first camping event you think of attending because it’s usually exceedingly hot. But this year it was the best Lilies War you could ever have. The weather was wonderful. Plus you’d be pleasantly surprised at the changes they made that helped all who attended.


The whole week Lilies War offered you wondrous sights and adventures. And the changes the autocrates made were blessings for us all.

The first blessing. The Gate and the ice were moved to the corner with the first aid station. Easier access for the whole camp.

The second was the two Falcon Chariot golf carts. Each providing riders transportation up and down one of the venue’s two long main treks. Paid for by donations. Staffed by volunteers. Some drivers calling out as if your lift were a theme park ride.

The Falcon Chariots gave you more than a commute. They actually improved the medieval ambiance. Yes, golf carts added to the medieval feel because there were fewer vehicles hanging out near camp sites.

Sadly I don’t have photos of the Falcon Chariots. They were just plain golf carts. Nothing special. I do have a few other photos for you here. And a link for the 50+ photos in my Lilies War 2019 photo album.

Arts and Sciences

If you like the idea of crafting medieval style there are many options for you to try at Lilies War. There are classes all week long and people practicing their own variety of crafting fun. And many with whom you can talk.

Master Gerald Goodwine‘s workshop at the Great Wheel.

There are numerous things to do and see that don’t cost you a cent or even much energy. Chatting with your friends, seeing what they’ve made or done recently. Things like like Mistress Sorcha O’Riain playing in the dirt making and baking clay oil lamps.

Mistress Sorch with her traveling kiln.
Master Eadweard Boisewright‘s encampment.

Sports Activities

Check out the multiple martial arts activities. From heavy combat to cut and thrust, there’s plenty you can watch or new skills to learn.

There’s archery and thrown weapons too. All without paying more than your gate fee.

Occasionally you’ll find one of those excellent fighters receiving an award on the field. In the distance, through those kneeling, you see Lord Otmar Eichmann receiving an accolade.


If you want to experience a medieval pilgrimage you can join Countess Conna ingen Ui Chearbhaill many wanderers walking the trek to the Chapel of the Dancing Pork-chop. Of course their’s music and information on what a historical pilgrimage involved. And explanations about the Dancing Pork-chop

But the Chapel of the Dancing Pork-chop is a wonder of its own. The light streaming gaily through the painted silk gives you a medieval feel. It is known far and wide for providing many a magic moment experience.

The pilgrimage miraculously ended just before a sudden rain burst. Nothing dramatic or long lasting. But it provided children of all ages another fun experience. Jumping in muddy puddles like Peppa Pig.

Court Splendor

And of course Lilies War includes bold court pageantry. There were several with style, splendor and amusement for all to behold. You can find M. Dorcas Whitecap”s court summaries online at the Falcon Banner.

This court featured the Laureling of Duke Bataciqan-nu Ko’un Ashir. A well deserved honor.

Apprentice Belting

After the closing Lilies War court there was a brief apprentice belting ceremony. Master Mellitus of Rouncivale took Lord Mas for his apprentice. A small regalement to enjoy.

So I’m glad I spent the week at Lilies War. Every part of it was impressive. I found so much to do and see. Some I didn’t photograph like R.U.S.H. classes, shopping and the food court. Some I wished I had like the Fyrdraca Viking ship and all the fiber and glass workers tediously plying their craft. They just leave me things to experience next year.

I’m a nature and old-culture person, but the heat at Lilies is now usually more than I can handle. I don’t want to give it up so I did the next best thing. I camped at the nearest motel, the Super 8.

Secretly this year I wished I’d camped in my tent. The weather was virtually perfect. And the changes the organizing committee made were spot-on helpful. I can’t wait until next year’s Lilies War. But nothing will ever beat this one.

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