4 Arts And Sciences Activities At Calontir’s Summer Coronation

Calontir’s 2018 Summer Coronation is just around the corner. I truly hope you can come. It will be a grand time. Not only for the court’s pomp but because this one’s also a camping event. 

Camping coronations give you more time. More time to talk to friends, attend meetings, enjoy bardic presentations, eat the feast and take part in Arts & Sciences activities. 

This time I’m in charge of the A&S competitions. Create them, display them, find judges and voting tokens. I also get to find or create prizes for the winner(s). Fun things for you to do.

Largess Display

Here are the competitions you can enter. If you don’t enter, come by and see who did… and what.

Largess Display: Any person or group’s item(s) to gift the incoming reign. Items should be labeled with the giver(s) names. 

Peers Only Novice Again Competition: Entries should be a peer’s first attemp at a craft they started within the last 365 days. They may be a work in progress with a large portion completed. Written documentation should be limited to 1 ppage, not counting photos and soucrces. Judging will be anonymous and based on generic intermediate level Kingdom criteria. Note: hide all identifying heraldry etc and names. 

Populace Choice: Entries should be a recreation of a Roman item made within it borders or territories. Entries should not also be offered in the other competition or display. Please provide a card with your name, what the item is, its location and approximate date of original.

But there’s more. This one is for anyone that’s made an SCA thing in the last year. Anyone. Anything.

Show and Tell: A throwback to younger days. Bring something you’ve made in the last year, completed or in progress, to show others in the circle and talk about your “thing”. Easy, peasy. And social too. HL Natalya Alekseya Vasilova is the moderator.

There’s something for everyone. I hope.

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