"Playing With Period Pigments Class" Taught

I’m teaching again!! It’s been years, unfortunately.
In early April you can take my “Playing With Period Pigments” class at the Bellewode Heraldic Scribal and Dance Symposium in Kirksville, MO. It is a safety and hands-on class, teaching paint production from natural earth powdered pigments. You’ll take home the safety supplies and paints you make.
Would you care to see photos I snapped in 2010 of the same class? I just have two.
6 Ladies in medieval clothing working powdered pigments at a table
Calontir Scribes Playing with Powdered Pigments
Three Ladies in medieval clothing at a table making paint
Making Paint From Powder
My Messy Studio

What do I do to prepare? First I must clean out my neglected mini-studio. Poor thing has been ignored for a few months since I got hooked on blogging. I’ll take stock of my handouts and supplies. Then I’ll cajole/invite a few Lonely Tower scribes to take a condensed practice class.

20 raw rock samples in their display case
My Raw Rock Mineral Collection

Each time I teach a class it’s different. New, this time, you will see and hold my raw mineral rock collection. Ground to powder and added to a binder, these rocks make paint used in manuscript illumination . Some are used in paint to this day.

Getting started, wouldn’t it be great if my studio were self-cleaning? I’d be ecstatic! You know, cleaning is usually last on my to-do list. There are so many crafts and computer things I rather do.

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