Craft Room Makeover

I now have a larger, enhanced sewing and painting room by turning a guest room into my craft and cardio space.

Before: Closet Studio

Before my calligraphy, illumination, and other painting was done in a walk-in closet. I used it as a studio. It had electricity, shelving, and tables but was devoid of inspiration, sun, and space. 

I had to organize and clean to prepare for my next paint-making class. So I decided to revamp instead.

My sewing area had been the dining room table, with fabric and supplies stored in another room. My ironing board was in the laundry room, put up and taken down as needed. 

My desk was in my bedroom with filing cabinets in other rooms. My gazelle exerciser was on another floor. 

I have transformed all into one room with four zones. I also have an East-facing window with a grassy-tree view. The light, larger space, and openness free my inspiration muse.

After: Desk and Gazelle Zones

The office zone, has my scaled-down desk, filing cabinet, and scanner/printer. Everything I need is close without taking up floor space. When I want a chair, I have two in the room that easily roll where I want them.

I lugged my gazelle down from upstairs to the room’s cardio zone. I placed it so I can see trees and squirrels while exercising. I hope the outdoor view and creative ambiance boost my puny exercise interest. 

After: Sewing Zone and more

Across the room, is the sewing zone. The old dresser holds my knitting, embroidery supplies, and sewing notions.To its right is a dedicated sewing table, always ready. I even have room to leave up my ironing board and dressmaker’s dummy.

To the left is a bookcase with sorted and assorted fabrics. (Yes, that’s my old boom box and elevator music). The closet holds my clothing works-in-progress and larger continuing projects.

After: Painting and Sewing Zones

My painting and calligraphy zone is the room’s largest. I put down a vinyl floor remanent for easy clean-ups. Then moved in the tables and swing-armed light from the old studio. I brought in the expected art accessories, knowing others will migrate as I need them. I plan to add wall art soon.

Remodeling always has a trickle-down effect. 

After: Studio Now A Closet

The old studio is now a closet for residual craft things. I moved in a bookcase from upstairs which filled up fast. And the old coffee table with bins and boxes of stuff I sell on eBay. That miscellany is now behind closed doors yet close to the necessary scanner and computer. I’m overjoyed they’re no longer any ugly eyesores in my bedroom.

Now my bedroom has a calm, spacious, uncluttered feel. Without demanding projects and digital devices, I sleep better. I wake up rested and enthused to start another creative day.

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