Here Come New Bookmarks To Paint

Blank Bookmark Outlines

I’ve belonged to a discussion group for several years with three other women. They are so generous with their food-lust treats and handmade gifts, I decided to illuminate bookmarks for them.

While there’s only four of us I chose to make my usual set of five. That way you benefit too.

So how did I decide what bookmarks to design? What’s my inspiration. It’s simple. I think about what I love and admire. The same way you do.

  • What is beautiful to you?
  • What makes you laugh or smile?
  • What makes you want to be a better person?
My Illuminations

Use what inspires you and feeds your creativity. Then make a list of ideas. Mine come from the British Library’s manuscript collection.

I chose a couple that especially stand out to me for the space I plan to fill. Then I begin to design. I sketch, or use my computer to copy and paste. Anything to make a rough plan. I want to visualize the possible finished work before I begin.

The sketches may only be thumbnails. The cut and paste may be pixelated. But it helps me decide what I want to use now or save for later. (I never truly discard a plan.)

After I made my line art – using a micron pen – I scanned and printed out the outline form on card-stock. Then I painted them.

When I finished painting these bookmarks I scanned and saved them to my computer. One I emailed to our local Baronial Chronicler. She’s always begging for art to use in the Lonely Tower’s Banner newsletter..

Bookmarks Finished

After painting I used a ruler and xacto knife to cut them apart. I folded the white bottom and stabbed a slit through it for the tassel.

These bookmarks are an 8.5 x 11″ template. One to print and reuse as you choose. You can find others I’ve created by clicking here. You’re welcome to use any and all of my line art.

Bookmarks make wonderful presents and prizes. If you’re new to illumination they’re a great way to learn paint application. Paint them for gifts, demonstrations or any idea you dream up. Enjoy.

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