Margaret of York, Duchess Consort of Burgundy

Thank you Heather Darsie for collecting in one place Margaret of York’s biographical information. Her life and time is perfect for my Burgundian persona. You did my research for me.

Maidens and Manuscripts: Taking a fresh look at people and events from 1347 to 1625, with a focus on women and illuminated manuscripts

by Heather R. Darsie

In case you missed it on 3 May 2018 at

On 3 May 1446, the future Edward IV of England and his parents welcomed a baby girl. She was named Margaret, possibly after Margaret of Anjou, who was Queen Consort of England at the time. Margaret of York’s life was greatly influenced by her brother Edward, and her prominence rose with his. After her marriage and move to Burgundy, Margaret continued to support her family in England and remain a prominent figure in Burgundy for the rest of her life.

Margaret of York, via Wikimedia Commons

Margaret later became Duchess of Burgundy. A marriage between Margaret and the widowed Charles the Bold of Burgundy was first considered in 1454, when Margaret was roughly six years old. Charles had been unlucky in marriage and was a widower twice over by the time Charles was about thirty-two…

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