The Scroll Colorant Blacklist

In Calontir, the SCA area where I live, you sometimes get into painting awards at an event. They are predesigned and painted like a coloring book. We call them “preprints”. Some kingdom’s call them “charters”.

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I’ve seen people take a few home from the scribe’s table to do later and that’s terrific. Each reign creates new ones so they need all they can get.

Sadly, when they’re returned a few are unusable. They may be neat and carefully done but the creator didn’t use an acceptable colorant.

Here’s a list of colorants you want to avoid – blacklist – when you do them at home. And why.

  • Acrylic-based paints crack and flake off your paper. Even those labeled “gouache” don’t last well.
  • Chalks smear and rub off on things.
  • Oil-based paints, like Testors model paint, seep through the paper and come out on the back.
  • Colored pencils don’t give the award a “period look”.
  • Craft paints are just acrylic paints. They don’t work either.
  • Crayons look as if your 8-year-old did it.
  • Latex-based paints layer too thickly causing them to crack and flake too.
  • Magic markers fade over time. They also don’t give that “period look” thing.
  • Pastels, like their cousin chalk, smear and rub off, too.
Take home paint dabs and tube paints.
That leaves you water-based paints such as gouache and watercolor. Even a few of those don’t work well on preprints. Grade-school tempras and watercolors are water-based paints but have little pigment in their binder. You have to apply extra paint layers and that ruins the paper’s surface.
In a round-about way, this explains one reason scribes use tube watercolors, most often gouache.
But what do you do if you want to work on a preprint at home you started at an event? You might ask the person leading the scribal painting if you can take some paint home. S/he will put some paint-dabs on a palette. It won’t be much, but after these dry, you can take them with you. At home, you rewet them with stroke from your brush and water. You can finish what you started.
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