Painting Project Completed

As many know I live in the Kingdom of Calontir. An SCA “region” that does preprinted entry level and children’s awards. They’re “coloring book” style pages we paint and the award recipient’s details are filled in later.

Two of my six preprint awards.

Preprints allow our king and queen to present awards in their persona’s era and manuscript style. It also allows newer scribes to try things out without investing in a lot of supplies all at once. But it takes many scribes -not just newbies – to complete enough awards for each reign. So I helped.

Mistress Elynor of Glastonbury is the Royal Scribe for Their Majesties Anton and Yseult – the 72nd King and Queen of Calontir. M. Elynor created the blank designs with simple line work allowing painters to later add details like shading, backgrounds, and diapering. But she also made them to look good with only blocks of color for newer scribes to paint.

Awards’ reverse.

On each scroll’s reverse M. Eleanor included the award’s text and a place for scribes to fill in their name. The modernly typed text helps the court herald read the words as most don’t recognize the medieval lettering. And the scribe’s name allows them to later receive credit for their handiwork.

I’m not great about posting projects I’ve completed. Many SCA bloggers use their blogs as an online portfolio. And that’s great. I tend more to share information. My information this time is simple – I helped.

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