Painting Other Scribes’ Designs

The Calontir Scribes Guild decided at Lilies War to have a fund raiser at the coming annual Kris Kinder shopping event. They decided to paint small items like bookmarks and illuminated letters to make money for our future use. The designs don’t have to be original. They could even be cuttings from unused formerly offered Calontir preprint awards.

One of mine.

Searching the internet, I came across two links for scribal line art you might also like for this. They are by skilled scribes with interesting internet information. I’m sure they’ll love your clicks and you their designs.

Seeing other peoples’ work and process is important as well as interesting. There’s always a new tweak or trick you can glean. And playing with paint is fun even when you’re new to scribal things.

The first link is a website by the Baroness Eleanore of Grey from the Kingdom of Atlantia. I’m passing this along because I love to see how other scribes work and think you might too. On her web-page she also gives you an excellent scroll process pictorial and description.

THL Eleanore also lets you use her scroll line art if you mark on the project back “Original design by Lady Eleanor of Grey”. And while – according to her website – you don’t have to send her a message she’d also love to receive one with how you used it.

The other link is to a page from Master Caleb Reynolds flickr account. He is from the Kingdom of AEthelmearc On it he has an album any SCA scribal novice can use to download scroll line-art and paint. If you haven’t found it already check out his A&S Blog.

Don’t forget I have a few for your use too. But you already saw them here.

Whether for a fund raising project, largess, personal gifts or practice other people’s line art is great way to get started with illumination. No worry, or pressure. Pure learning delight.

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