You Can Have Your Cake And Binge TV Too

Have you seen The Marvelous Maisel? Since I didn’t travel to Calontir‘s Kris Kinder event this weekend, I binge watched the first two seasons of it again.

I love this show and I want everyone I know to see it. It is so hilarious. It is a full-bodied dramedy series with great camera work, sets, and costuming immersing you in colorful 1960s New York City.

The show caricatures an affluent Jewish family in which the daughter – charming Miriam “Midge” (Rachel Brosnahan) – is every bit the best wife she believes her husband Joel Maisel (Michael Zegen) deserves. Until changes happen setting her on a vastly different path she’s unsure she can handle.

When I saw the first episode I thought it was bland, but I hung in there. Then something exploded just before it ends. If you miss that, you miss the cleverness of the whole series.

Midge – the lead – falls into being a stand-up comedian. That’s right. How terrible. Unheard of. A nonconforming woman. But she’s unexpectedly awesome at it. She’s unique and snarky with perfect timing, delivering line after hilarious line with assurance, audacity, and New York swagger.

I binged this a second time because I wanted to be sure I didn’t miss one spicy humorous bit, even those happening within a dramatic moment. There’s so much to enjoy. Realize though four letter words do occur in the dialogue, but they aren’t constant. They shouldn’t assault you if you tolerate them – even reluctantly – as I do. They aren’t used as verbal commas but underlining emphasis.

But there’s more. The rest of the cast are a mixed maniacal joy. Tony Shalhoub is fantastic as Midge’s clueless mathematician father Abe Weissman. Marin Hinkle – who plays Midge’s over-protective mom Rose – does a wonderful job in the role. I also love Susie Myerson (Alex Borstein) who evolves into being Mrs. Maisel’s manager. They’re all stereo-typically great personalities. No character slouchers here.

I’m glad there is a series showcasing how amazing women can truly be while they’re funny doing it. Midge has her quirky life but wants more. And we’re the lucky ones watching her as it unfolds and she grows. This show is what our world needs now.

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