What Everyone Is Saying About 12th Night

The rumors were out there and finally confirmed. Truly, the Barony of the Lonely Tower won’t be having its 12th Night event in January, 2020.

We’ve held that event each year for more than 40 years. So it’s very sad.

12th Night was my first event so many years ago. Ever since my adult daughter was in grade-school 12th Night has been Christmas for me. That started when Nan was young and went to visit her dad during the winter break. She would come home and we’d celebrate 12th Night. It’s felt that way for me ever since.

It wasn’t Lonely Tower didn’t know how to do this sort of thing. We had decades of experience putting on this event. We even had a site and a theme. We had staff, although more is always helpful. It was outside influences that forced the cancellation.


The choice wasn’t easily made. There were multiple issues and concerns forcing its undoing.

12th night attendance has been getting smaller and smaller for years. Every year since Calontir’s Winter Coronation was moved to the week after 12th Night fewer people show up. What used to be a 300 person event has dwindled to just over 150.

It doesn’t help that the Barony of Mag Mor – our nearest neighbor – hosts Winter War Maneuvers a few weeks later. Long-distance members are choosie when spending their fun time and money. They are also skittish about multiple trips in bad winter weather.

The Barony just can’t afford to hold financially loosing events. They fund our other activities and necessities. Our winter fighter practice and meeting site, our equipment storage unit, the BLT web site plus set-up funds for future events. A lot depends on each event’s finances.

Cancelling an event is never an easy thing. We enjoy hosting the event. It took a lot for Lonely Tower to cancel its traditional annual event. But it can’t be helped.

I missed 12th Night last year due to an out of town family emergency. I was looking forward to this one like a little kid again. Sure there is planning, lugging and other work, but there is joy in seeing my Calontir friends for the holiday. I’m sorry it won’t happen. But I fully understand.

Lonely Tower hasn’t given up doing its 12th Night event. We will rally and restore our future efforts. You watch, it will be back better than before.

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