Throwback Thursday: Artisan of the Steppes, 2000

Artisan of the Steppes is a body of work competition that’s been held in the SCA Kingdom of Ansteorra for over 28 years. Work diversity is encouraged including endeavors that didn’t click with the maker. All items entered have documentation on their history and creation.

Mosaic Entries

I took these pictures August 6, 2000, in the Dallas/Fortworth area. I went there to visit my friend being elevated to the SCA Order of the Laurel. 

Agripina Sitting Vigil

I met Mary Ann in Lonely Tower and knew her then as Gillian Esmond of Dragonsley. We became best friends.

When she moved to Texas she changed her SCA name to Agripina Argyra, because she loved researching different history eras and people. Now she lives in Montgomery, Alabama, and is a professional artist.


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