Calontir’s Winter War Maneuvers 2018

You won’t believe where I went last Saturday. I attended the Kingdom of Calontir Barony of Mag Mor event, Winter War Maneuvers. This is the ultimate winter practice for the SCA‘s coming Gulf War‘s event, “A War With No Enemies”. 

Gulf War is an annual war and week-long camping event hosted by the Kingdoms of Gleann Abhann and Meridies. It is all-out battles between the Kingdoms of Ansteorra and Trimaris.

Mag Mor has been hosting this event since before I joined the SCA over 20 years ago. They held it at Speed Way Village’s humongous indoor turf-floored soccer field. Plenty of room for fighters to practice melees and more.

The good news for you noncombatants was fighting’s panoramic-view from the 2nd-floor balcony overlook. There is also space for meetings and classes.

Overlook View 

The space is so huge Calontir Cut and Thrust fighters were able to study and practice melee techniques.

While the huge venue is great for fighting and viewing, I didn’t collect fighting practice photos to blog. The fighters were too far away and moved too fast. Great for them, not for me.

I did snap this foto for you when they gathered on the field for announcements.

The side field held a few interesting or endearing photos, especially this one.

After the energetic fighting day, we settled down for the court of Their Majesties Ashir and Ashland.

Processing into court the Royal Highness from the Stellar Kingdom of Ansteorra, Jason Drysdale commanded the attention of all. He and his warriors came to train together with our fighters and meld a cohesive fighting force for the coming interkingdom war.

HRH Jason Drysdale entering the court.

The court was short as courts seldom go, but held well-deserved awards or prizes for honorees. You can find them in M. Dorcas Whitecap‘s court report in the Falcon Banner.

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