Kris Kinder Market in Calontir

Well, this didn’t go well. I’m a delinquent blogger. So many pictures for your viewing, so little time during the holidays.

Earlier this month I went to Calontir’s Kris Kinder Market event, again. It’s my favorite indoor event. Who doesn’t like to shop and visit with friends?

Here are a few of the many photos I snapped while browsing the wares for sale. 

At Avalon Oddiments I found a friend. Along with the SCA garage sale items and knit fingerless mitts, hats, and socks, there at ease in her basket was Buttercup the comfort cat. 

I found Lord Garren of Ashton Tor had added something to the inventory of the many looms he sells. He now makes and sells wood textile stamps. A wonderous idea. You can choose from his many pre-made options or custom order your design. 

The stamped pattern looks smashing painted on whole cloth fabric or to spiff up that boring plain garb you already have. You know, that thing in the back of your closet.

But at Kris Kinder, there’s so much more going on than shopping. Besides multiple meetings, you see people working on their crafts.

This Lady is carding fiber. She sells it in her stall.

There are artisans everywhere. Here’s an embroiderer in the hall.

And a couple by the Christmas tree busily weaving wire.

There’s even a spinner under the stairs.

Down the hall you find people waiting to speak with Honorable Lady Marie le Favre during her vigil. She will be taken into the Order of the Laurel at the evening court.
Here’s something unique, cross-legged seated cooking at a floor grill. He told me it was the closest electrical outlet he found to Honorable Lady Marie le Faivre’s vigil table. He wanted to get the food to it as fast as he could to keep it hot.
The aforementioned vigil food for your enjoyment. 

There are now people still sewing on garb for the evening elevation ceremony. I think this is sort of a tradition, at least it happens often.


Then there’s the evening court… 


…with Marie le Favre’s Laureling ceremony.

And the spinning wheel keeps on turning, even through court. 

Be sure to check out Mistress Dorcas Whitecap’s full Kris Kinder Market court report.

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