Birthday Party for Lonely Tower

You won’t believe this. The Revel was rained out again. It was suppose to happen in May to choose the next Cut and Thrust Champion. But it rained then. A rain date had been pre-selected for June 23rd. But that was rained out too. So Their Excellencies Augustin and Aleit turned the rain-date alternate site happening into a birthday party.

The Barony of the Lonely Tower was 33 just two days before on the 21st of June. If the original May Revel had occurred this silly, fun party wouldn’t have even happened. So Sunday we had a birthday party for us all.

Of course there were balloons. And poppers and curly noise makers. And a potluck. (I won’t show you the potluck, because -well – it’s just our usual food.)

You can see we had a large number attending. More than many outdoor revels. And that was while most of us were still unpacking and reorganizing after Calontir‘s Lilies War.

Cut and Thrust Tourney

We did hold a Cut and Thrust Tourney of sorts. And any one could enter. But since it was indoors foam boffer weapons were used. The rules were the usual Cut and Thrust rules plus no strikes to the head, because no one wore a helmet. So basically you could aim for the torso, arms and legs.

It was great fun to watch and photograph. So much fun for the fighters Baron Augustin extended the tourney’s length. For a short time everyone was a kid again.


And no birthday party is complete without a pinata filled with goodies. Some not recommended for people underage.

Since there was no way to hang the crown pinata the very tall Lord Gaius Cornelius Scipio Titianus acted as a tree and held it on a long pole. For his safety those attacking it were not blindfolded.

The pinata thrashing began with the younger populace, each person being allowed 3 tries. The next person in line being slightly older. It of course continued until the pinata was destroyed. Not all got to play as there were great aims and strong thrashers.

Lonely Tower Trivia Challenge

While all this was going on there was also a Lonely Tower Birthday Party Trivia Challenge. If you’re like Baroness Aleit and love trivia you can find the quiz with its answers here.

And of course there was a cake with the Baron formally lighting its candles. The longest playing members attending – Her Excellency Kezia von Holzenhaus and the Excellent Herald Nikolai Gornostai Spiach’ev – did the honors and blew them out.

There was a formal Baronial court. But as I am the Arts and Sciences Champion I stood behind Their Excellencies, so I wasn’t able to take pictures. I did announce the winner of the trivia challenge. Lady Isibel inghean Daire receiving a broad-brimmed felt hat for a prize.

Birthday Wishes

Happy 33rd birthday Lonely Tower. Over the years you’ve stood tall and strong bringing us all together in friendship and spirit. Your capacity to inspire us even grows better with time.

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