Lonely Tower Revel In The Park

Early in June the Barony of the Lonely Tower held their quarterly potluck revel and champion tournament. This one was to select the Barony’s Cut and Thrust Champion. 

The weather was perfect and there was a breezy populace turnout.

The Cut and Thrust Champion Tournament was the day’s feature, as my pictures show. It had three rapier fighters out doing each other in multiple round-robin bouts.

There was also an arts and sciences competition and display, more limited than its Championship held a few months ago.

After time to enjoy our shared meal, Baroness Gulia held court and gave out awards. The winner of the arts and sciences competition was Lady Aleit, for her 15th century necklace recreation. 


Owain the Younger received recognition with the award of a cord and formally taken in by the Barony.

Master Rolf Hobart, having won the most bouts earlier, was made the Lonely Tower Champion for Cut and Thrust.

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