Coronation of Their Majesties Duncan Bruce of Logan and Ylva Jonsdottir

I love my Calontir family and am elated I attended Their Majesties Logan and Ylva’s coronation yesterday. I saw pageantry and caring at every turn.

The spectacle was plentiful, at times tearful. My photos show only a portion.

Elena gave her crown to King Matsu before they left their reign.

When Matsu and Elena departed and the thrones were vacant, the Calontir Chivalry stood guard to protect the Kingdom, while the lineage was read so all knew from which our strength comes.

Sir Duncan processed into the hall while wordfame was told of his accomplishments.

His Grace Hirsch counseled them on a ruler’s responsibilities, so they knew what their tests might be.

Count Fernando received Their Highnesses oath and promises for the Kingdom care.

Then as Konungutal and Konungriki Logan and Ylva received the fealty promise of honor and service by many.

Each peerage order swore fealty.

And promised to serve and care for the Calontir Kingdom and family.

Their Majesties Royal splendor shown enhanced by the Kingdom’s regalia of cloaks and crowns.
After the morning ceremonies, I visited with friends, painted scrolls with scribes, looked at items for sale and watched fighting and archery.

The long line at the noon meal partially showed the populace’ abundant caring after the recent loss of His Grace Ostwald, a former Calontir King. Besides the hand pies, fruits, veggies and desserts, all money over the cost went to a college fund for his and Duchess Kay of Gordon’s children. The fund will receive a generous $800. 

But Coronation is about the ceremony.

In the evening Their Majesties held their first court with Baron Cian and Baroness Tatiana of Coeur d’Ennui at their side.

In their evening court Their Majesties presented Matsu and Elena county honors for having royally served the Kingdom.

This pageantry occurs every six months and I never get tired of it. Sometimes it is more thrilling than others. With the recent sudden loss of Duke Ostwald my Calontir friends and I are more attuned to its nuances and meanings. If possible this coronation was more emotional and significant.

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