C & I Class Preparations

I’m doing my homework for the coming calligraphy and illumination classes. Commonly I teach to the requested C & I topic. These classes will be different.

I want these new students to feel the class benefit as soon as we begin. I want to hit the ground running because many already learned the basics at the recent Lonely Tower Scribal Gathering.

These students’ backgrounds span the range from total newbie to experienced artist of an alternative medium. How can I be a benefit to such a wide variety? How can I create desire and hold each one’s attention? What can I do so the student sees, hears, and feels C & I’s attraction themselves?

For that, I’ve been looking into new teaching methods. So students can see their goals I’ve created Pinterest boards that show medieval manuscripts displaying the related medieval techniques. 

And slide presentations highlighting applicable purposes. 

To help with information flow I’ll have full handouts on Google Doc and send them to students through messaging. Students can access them anywhere, download them, print them or reaccess them if lost.

My mission- impossible task is finding the brain-teaser that hooks their interest. Keeps them enthused and returning. Their ultimate benefit.

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