HL Zaneta’s Calon Cross Scroll

Project Title:
Calon Cross Scroll for Zaneta Baseggio
Project Date:
October 14, 2017/Crown Tournament
Text by:
HL Saito Takauji
Inspiration for Text:
‘The Prince’ by Machiavelli, James 3:13, and the structures of the Venetian government.  La Serenissima Regina means ‘most serene Queen’. The mazor consegio was a self-nominating legislative body, and that works as an analogue for the self nominating Cross. The collegio were yet another government body, which works as an equivalent to the College of Heralds in name and function.

Translation by:
Jehanne Bening
Jehanne Bening
external 11 x 14 inches
Notable Techniques:
Italic from David Harris’ book
Mitchell 6 dip pen
Zig Sumi Ink 60
Inspiring Manuscripts:
Other notes:
Finetec gold, some over black gouache, first time I did Italic script.

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