Lonely Tower’s Scribal Gathering

May 8th Lonely held an afternoon of scribal classes. Mistress Aiden came from out of town to present Lord Kahlil his auction winnings, a scribal start up kit. It included books, paints, pens, tools, and other materials. A real haul. 

M. Aiden and Ld. Kahlil

Kahlil spear-headed the scribal afternoon which included the introduction to Kahlil’s starter kit, how to use them for calligraphy and illumination.
Mistress Aiden taught calligraphy, Master Rolf, Honorable Lady Astrid, and I taught painting and design skills.

One on one instruction was available for inspiration. 

Sharing and learning new skills, whatever the level of the student, is heartening. As taught in yoga, “Every teacher is a student; every student is a teacher.”

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