From Calm To Clamor

Last year I spent searching for engrossments. Ways to connect and feel purposeful, alive. 

Labor day I visited close friends and others in November. I decluttered the house. I went shopping at Kris Kinder, helped with Lonely Tower’s 12th Night Event and attended the Clothiers Symposium. I started this blog, took up Tai Chi and found my way through spring. 

Then boom. The last six weeks have been nuts. I’ve had as many things to do as I did the previous six months.

Since April 1, I traveled to visit family and friends, revamped my craft room, created an award scroll, taught a class and helped with another class. I had good out-of-town friends visit

I still have a poster to make, catch up the Lonely Tower Roll of Arms and prepare for camping at Calontir‘s Lilies War. All by mid-June.  

Lonely Tower’s Roll of Arms
Active Members Heraldic Devices

Of course, neither time period discussed includes daily life things like funerals and family holiday celebrations, taking dogs to the groomer, walking two miles most days, my doctor visits, and occasionally being a Granny-Nanny. Those just happen.

Thankfully, I have learned to pace myself. Barring any major intrusive event, I will survive and thrive.

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