Calontir’s 2017 Fall Crown Tournament Photos

Saturday I went to Calontir’s 2017 Fall Crown Tournament event. These are the photographs I took. I missed photo ops but this is about the beauty and fun that I and my friends have and create in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

The lineup waiting to process in to Crown Tournament.
The combat.
Heraldic arms tell us who’s fighting
and who’s up next.
The brackets filled out
for the 2017 Calontir Crown Tourney
double elimination competition.
Duke Ashir and Countess Ashland invested
as heirs  to the Calontir thrones.
To enter Crown Tourney each person had to enter
the Arts and Science competition as well.
Some A & S entries.
The new heirs artisan entries.
The Glassworkers’ Guild held a silent auction,
staffed by M. Roise and shopped by HL Astrid.
The cutest SCAdian present.
Mistress Sorcha took an apprentice.
Fun times created by bored Calontiri,
Sir Semjaka and Sir Xerxis.
Heather was called into Court
by Their Majesties Damien and Issabell
HRM Issabell welcomed Heather
into her  Order of the Queen’s Chalice
Heather’s Mom was more excited than Heather,
who took the attention calmly.
Sir Killian O’Connaill and 
Mistress Rebecca Beaumont
win the Arts and Sciences competition.
Konstantia Kaloethina
was made a Court Baroness.
HL Zaneta receiving
the Calon Cross scroll I created.
You can’t see her face
but this is Lonely Tower’s Baroness Giulia
 giving notice she wants to step aside.
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Crown Tournament Court Summary October 6, 2017

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