Barony of the Lonely Tower Arts and Sciences’ Revel

The Barony of the Lonely Tower held their annual Arts and Sciences Championship competition and revel yesterday. These pictures highlight the painting, socializing, court and dining. 

Lady Aleit de la Thomme won the honor to be Barony’s Arts and Sciences Champion for the coming year. Her entry was three sleeves and the documentation that illustrates the way the sleeves broke their era’s sumptuary laws. 

Medieval attired people talking.
First We Chat

Seated and standing medieval attired people, crafting and talking,
Crafting And Talking

Some medieval attired people assemble a wooden chair, others seated painting awards.
Award Painting And Puzzle Chair Assembly
Medieval attired people. A few placing table settings. Others talking before court.
Preparing For Court
Medieval attired people seated at a table watching several in a court.
Court Begins
4 medieval attired people sit on one table side waiting to select buffet food.
Waiting For The Pot Luck Buffet
View from the long end of a table with 25 medieval attired people eating.
Enjoying Our Shared Meal Together

Lady Aleit, the new Arts and Sciences Baronial Champion, absolutely deserved the honor she received. The competition was a well-fought effort as her challengers were also highly qualified. 

My many friends in the Barony of the Lonely Tower welcome and enjoy the mingling and crafting conversation.  It’s our greatest learning and sharing excuse.

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