Beginning Illumination, Book Review

Queen’s Prize in Calontir, September 2016
Checking out the calligraphy and illumination entries at Calontir’s recent Queen’s Prize Tournament I saw a copy of Claire Travers’ book Beginning Illumination. I was intrigued, so I ordered it.

While only 80 9″x11″ pages, it is worth the reasonable $19.97 hardcover cost. 

Travers first introduces the reader to the materials and basic techniques. Then using photos she guides you, novice or skilled, through her five illumination steps. Using medieval materials she shows you how to execute a floral decoration, medieval human faces, flourishes, and critters. Her book also includes the advanced techniques of preparing parchment and gilding. 

The book includes a short illumination masterpiece survey with photos. A small taste only, to whet your appetite for the feast that truly abounds.

Traves includes ideas to use these skills on current certificates, gifts and family trees. Many adapt to SCA scrolls.

You can view her lovely, detailed work at Claire Travers.

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