Blogging SCA Style

So you want to have a blog.

While blogging isn’t the cool thing it used to be for young adults there’s been an increase among those of us over 30. That’s most SCAdians. Therefore I taught a class on blogging last June at Lilies War.

I’m not the only blogger in Calontir. But I do have four consistent years experience on two different platforms. Not counting my Face Book posts.

In the SCA if you want to start a blog you might not really know why. There’s so many good reasons to do it. Lifewire gives ten reasons to start a blog and most relate to what we do. I’ve listed them below.

Learning Blogging

You might start a blog to:

  • express your thoughts and opinions
  • market or promote something
  • help others
  • establish yourself as an expert
  • connect with people like you
  • make a difference
  • stay active or knowledgeable in a field or topic
  • stay connected with friends and family
  • make money
  • have fun and be creative

I see several reasons in the list why I blog. It is a practical way for me to continue learning and share my interests, knowledge and skills with others. And I can do it at my own pace. I like the feed back and connection it gives. Plus it goads my creativity and 21st century writing skills .

I’m probably not the only one in Calontir and the SCA with those reasons. Maybe others have the desire and just need help getting started.

I had no idea how many people would attend my class or how many questions they’d ask. But I was pleased with the turnout and the results.

While I don’t have a video I can give you a link to my class handout.

Or maybe it’s time I teach blogging and offer a little push.

If you have an SCA blog, feel free posting its link in the comments below. I love building my reading list.

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