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Your SCA experiences, the history you learn and the items you re-create are what the Society for Creative Anachronism is all about. If you are like me and want to share these with others you might want to blog about it, too.

Since I enjoyed writing class handouts and competition documentation I thought blogging would be easy. But there’s a difference. 

Your blog is your story. It is like writing a long letter to a friend when you’re visiting another country. You’re excited and want to share what you’ve seen, learned and done. 

When I blog I “show and tell” the details of what I see, hear, and feel. My curiosity, obstacles, and end results, whatever they are. 

Occasionally I post a “rant” about a personal experience or viewpoint, but I tell you it’s my opinion. That’s important because everything posted is public and permanent. I only post what I want the world to know now and forever.

Scribes-My Ideal Readers

My number one guide is to write to you, my reader, whoever you may be. Without you, I might as well be writing a secret diary. 

While I’m not perfect, as I write I consider your viewpoint and what my post means to you. Although difficult after 30+ years in the SCA, I try to limit jargon to the necessary terms.

I know my posts are longer than the common six blog paragraphs. I like to vary their length and write more when the subject needs it. 
I try to verify information and link to sources. 

I think blogging is a great way to share thoughts, opinions, and knowledge. It is time well spent learning, creating, and watching my blog grow. I love when you comment back. I recommended it to you for the change it causes in your life.
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