Scribal Project Information

Scribal Project Information 

I’ve looked at many lovely scrolls and scribal works on the Internet. Many Kingdoms, Scribal Guilds, and Bloggers display multiple, well-crafted scrolls. 

I enjoy reading about the techniques and materials scribes use to create their art. I sometimes wonder about information that wasn’t included with the image. Often it’s about the inspiring text source. But not always. 

Since my Laureling my own scroll records are scant, some totally missing. I was much better when my Peer might ask for my notes at any time. I’m not into record keeping so I won’t fault others.

If you keep records from the beginning it’s easier. It’s also inspiring to see your accomplishments over time. To help you, I created a simple, easily accessed, editable Scribal Project Information form on Google Docs. I would also include a scan of your work

I hope you find this simple form a useful convenience. Ten years from now, may you still be adding scrolls to it. 

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