Revival: Lonely Tower’s Monthly Scriptorium Gatherings

M. Rolf And Other Scribes

You probably noticed Lonely Tower has a new Baron and Baroness, Augustin le Blinde and Aleit de la Thomme. They took the reins at our 2018 12th Night event. 

Their Excellencies have inspiring ideas for us including giving original scrolls for awards they present at court. That means Lonely Tower scribes will have opportunities to use the skills taught in our recent classes.

Our Early Gothic scribal classes ended before Thanksgiving so M. Rolf and I planned to hold monthly casual  Scriptorium gatherings. The good news is these meetings will now have more purpose and direction with M. Rolf now the Baronial Lead Scribe.

Calontir calls an informal scribes’ meeting a “scriptorium”. Lonely Tower’s scriptorium is open to any and all calligraphers, illuminators, preprint artisans, and wordsmiths to meet, paint, letter and socialize. You are welcome whatever your skill level whether you’re an accomplished scribal Laurel like M. Rolf or you haven’t yet begun.

The Barony of the Lonely Tower’s Scriptorium will meet at my house the fourth Sunday afternoons of most months like we did for classes. We will have Open Project gatherings. In these, you work on personal projects, preprint awards or a current scroll assignment. Now, the scroll assignments may also include Baronial requests. You may also bring something you’re learning, practicing, or zen-doodling. All are welcome.

Remember, if you bring an assigned scroll to work on, hide any identifying items with something like low-tac tape or a sticky note. Scroll assignments are kept very secret even from other scribes. We don’t divulge names or even heraldic devices. Mum’s the word.

If you’re nearby, come create visual splendor or just chat with us about ink, paint or scroll text writing. The more the merrier. 

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