New Calligraphy Kit? New Pens/Nibs? Some tips on how to get started and a reminder for the rest of us.

The Honorable Lord Ian the Green, CE, CSO, APF, CCK, AoA from the
Barony of Namron, Kingdom of Ansteorra has an incredible blog you simply must check out. Here’s his recent post on his scribal kit. Please check out his other posts..


This will be a series of blog posts aimed to help the newly starting calligrapher.  I won’t cover every detail as beginners tend to get overwhelmed by all the details.  This is about how to get started and then improve from there.

Christmas time is often when people are gifted their first calligraphy kit(s).  They get a pen holder.

20200101_093853 Different kinds of pen holders.  (Not including offset pen holders)

Some pens, usually called nibs

Dip Pens - Cropped Different kinds of pens also called nibs, used for dip pen calligraphy

And a bottle of ink.

Ink Ink bottles! Containing a calligraphers best friend and biggest challenge all in the same bottle.

Maybe even a book on how to do calligraphy.  (The link is a google search not an endorsement of any given calligraphy book.)

So now what?

First things first.  Take care of your new toys.  Proper care and maintenance is super important.


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