Issabell St. Charles’ Duchy Scroll

Enlarged upper right miniature
Project Title:
Duchy Scroll for Issabell St. Charles
Project Date:
January 13, 2018/Coronation
Text by:
D. Magdalena vander Meere
Inspiration for Text:
Translation by:
Jehanne Bening
Jehanne Bening
Pergamenata, C and I area 12″ x 16″
Notable Techniques:
Flat gilding using Tresser’s gilding size adhesive. Love it.
Early Gothic
Mitchell 5 dip pen
Zig Sumi Ink 60
Inspiring Manuscripts:
Belleville Breviary (1323-26) by Jean Pucelle and other 14th-century French illuminations
Other notes:
All the birds on the scroll refer to D. Izzy’s awards or favorites
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